SPA Colloquium Series with String Theory and Holography

String Theory and Holography

School Colloquium series of the School of Physics and Astronomy

Friday, 13th December 2013, 16:30, GO Jones Lecture Theatre

Professor Massimo Bianchi from the Universita' di Roma "Tor Vergata"  and INFN sezione di Roma II will give the next seminar in the series.  He is an internationally renowned string theorist, with seminal contributions in numerous  foundational branches of string theory, most recently in the remarkable holographic emergence of gravity. Professor Bianchi is currently Leverhulme Visiting Professor at Queen Mary, University of London.

Title of Lecture : String Theory - Even if it is not true,  it is well-conceived.

Abstract: I will review the present status of String Theory. I start with its drawbacks, including the difficulty of any direct experimental test in the near future.  I then explain its achievements as well as its interconnections with gauge theories, statistical mechanics and cosmology, before and after the discovery of the holographic correspondence.

The talk will start at 4.30 p.m in the G. O. Jones Lecture Theatre. It will be followed by drinks and snacks in the Museum afterwards. All members of SPA (faculty, students and staff)  are invited.