The National Student Survey 2013

The National Student Survey 2013

National Student Survey is now open for all 3rd year BSc and 4th year MSci students to complete.  We would like to encourage all of these students to complete the survey as soon as possible.

January sees the launch of the National Student Survey (NSS) 2013 at most Higher Education Institutions and most Further Education Colleges providing Higher Education courses across the UK. The NSS is your opportunity to give your opinions on what you liked about your time at your institution/course as well as things that you felt could have been improved. 

PhD positions in Theoretical Physics

PhD positions in Theoretical Physics

The deadline for applying for a PhD studentship in the Centre for Research in String Theory is 31 January 2013. If you intend to apply, please follow the instructions  here. Reference letters should reach us by the deadline. Please note that we do not chase up referees, and missing references may hinder your chances of being selected for an interview. Dates of interviews: 14-15 February 2013.

Leverhulme Visiting Professor

Massimo Bianchi

We are very happy to announce that Massimo Bianchi will join the CRST as a Leverhulme Visiting Professor starting November 2012.

Massimo Bianchi is a Professor of Theoretical Physics in the String Theory Group at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" and a leading researcher in String Theory.  

The Higgs "seen" at CERN

The Higgs "seen" at CERN
CERN researchers working on the LHC have announced that they have discovered a particle where they would expect to find a Higgs boson. The announcement is a step forward for modern physics and Queen Mary has contributed technical expertise, engineering experience and computing resources to this work. The announcement however is not a categorical declaration of the Higgs existence or how it fits into the larger picture. 
The Higgs boson is the elementary particle that needed to explain why and how particles have mass. Up until now the Standard Model, particle physics’ "theory of everything", was unable to fully explain why the most fundamental particles of the universe had mass and why they were different. The discovery of the Higgs is the first step in filling in this gap.

Robert de Mello Koch visits the CRST

Robert de Mello Koch, of the Center for Theoretical Physics of the University of the Witwatersrand, will be visiting the CRST during February-March 2012. 

New postdoc and 3 new PhD students in the CRST


We are very happy to announce that Konstantin Wiegandt, now at Humboldt University (Berlin) in the group of Jan Plefka, will be joining the CRST as a postdoctoral researcher funded by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). Furthermore, three new PhD students will join our group in the next academic year: James McGrane and Felix Rudodph, from Cambridge, and Brenda Penante, now at Perimeter Institute (Canada). 

Newton Institute Workshop: Recent Advances in Scattering Amplitudes

Scattering Amplitudes

Andreas Brandhuber, Bill Spence and Gabriele Travaglini of the Centre for Research in String Theory have organised a mini-workshop "Recent Advances on Scattering Amplitudes" at the Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge. The workshop took place on April 2-4, 2012. Invited speakers included James Drummond (CERN), Valya Khoze (Durham), Yu-tin Huang (UCLA), Henrik Johansson (Saclay), Gregory Korchemsky (Saclay), Arthur Lipstein (Oxford), Lionel Mason (Oxford), Amit Sever (Perimeter Institute), Mark Spradlin (Brown) and Anastasia Volovich (Brown). Videos of the seminars are available here.  

STFC grant to the Centre for Research in String Theory

The CRST has been awarded a grant of 632,431 pounds from the Science and Technology Facilities Council, for the project "String Theory, Gauge Theory and Duality". The duration of the project is from 1 October 2011 to 30 September 2014.