We invite applications for a number of prestigious early and advanced personal fellowships.

A number of our current staff held such fellowships here or elsewhere prior to or during appointment:

  • EPSRC (D. Berman, W. Spence, G. Travaglini)
  • STFC/PPARC (S. Ramgoolam)
  • Royal Society (M. Buican, C. Papageorgakis, S. Thomas)

Please contact members of staff directly with expressions of interest or Prof. Andreas Brandhuber for general enquiries.


Royal Society Fellowships (internal deadline 29/7/2016)

The Royal Society offers a number of prestigious Fellowships under three different programmes:


European Commission Fellowships (internal deadlines TBA)

The European Union offers a number of prestigious Fellowships under the Horizon 2020 programme, specifically:


STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowships (internal deadline 29/7/2016; internal decisions 1/8/2016)

The STFC award a small number of 5-year Ernest Rutherford Fellowships: STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowships.

These awards are very competitive and we can only put forward 1-2 applicants per round, which are decided as per the deadlines above.

Other funding opportunities supported by the STFC can be found at the link: STFC Fellowships.


EPSRC Fellowships

The EPSRC processes fellowship applications at all levels on a rolling basis and in priority areas which change regularly.

More information on these funding opportunities can be found at the link: EPSRC Fellowships.


Other Funding Opportunities

There are other opportunities for postdoctoral research funding at Queen Mary. These include: