We invite applications for a number of prestigious early and advanced personal fellowships.

A number of our current staff held such fellowships here or elsewhere prior to or during appointment:

  • EPSRC (D. Berman, W. Spence, G. Travaglini)
  • STFC/PPARC (S. Ramgoolam)
  • Royal Society (M. Buican, R. Monteiro, C. Papageorgakis, S. Thomas)


Please contact members of staff directly with expressions of interest or Prof. Andreas Brandhuber for general enquiries, with a 3 page research summary by the dates below


Royal Society Fellowships (internal deadline 3/7/2017)

The Royal Society offers a number of prestigious Fellowships under three different programmes:

  • Royal Society University Research Fellowships, which are tenable for 5 years and renewable up to 8 years. These are mainly for outstanding researchers at an advanced postdoctoral level
  • Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowships, mainly designed for people who need flexible working patterns due to personal commitments. These are tenable for 5 years (Autumn 2017 internal deadline)
  • Newton International Fellowships, 2-year fellowships for non-UK outstanding researchers at an early stage of their career (Winter 2017 internal deadline)


European Commission Fellowships (internal deadline 3/7/2017)

The European Union offers a number of prestigious Fellowships under the Horizon 2020 programme, specifically:


STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowships (internal deadline 3/7/2017)

The STFC award a small number of 5-year Ernest Rutherford Fellowships: STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowships.

These awards are very competitive and we can only put forward 1-2 applicants per round, which are decided as per the deadlines above.

Other funding opportunities supported by the STFC can be found at the link: STFC Fellowships.


EPSRC Fellowships (rolling deadline)

The EPSRC processes fellowship applications at all levels on a rolling basis and in priority areas which change regularly.

More information on these funding opportunities can be found at the link: EPSRC Fellowships.


Other Funding Opportunities

There are other opportunities for postdoctoral research funding at Queen Mary. These include: