We hold a range of seminars — weekly research seminars, triangular seminars (held jointly with King's College and Imperial College London), and pedagogical and reading group talks. See the The London Triangle for details of seminars across London. The organiser of the regular seminars is Gianluca Inverso. The local organiser of the Triangle Seminars are Matt Buican and David Vegh.


CRST Visitors

Name Affiliation Arrival Departure
Eva Llabrés Amsterdam 11/05/18 18/05/18
Sunil Mukhi IISER Pune 23/05/18 24/05/18
Andrew Tolley Imperial College 24/05/18 24/05/18
Sunil Mukhi IISER Pune 28/05/18 29/05/18
Michal Sedlák Slovak Academy of Sciences 29/05/18 01/06/18
Matteo Baggioli Barcelona IFAE 13/06/18 15/06/18



    • Seminars (and "Triangle")
    • Journal Club
    • Graduate Lectures