Searching for new physics with top quarks

Research Group: 
Centre for Research in String Theory
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Full-time Project: 
QM Scholarship
Project Description: 
The top quark is the heaviest fundamental particle in the Standard Model of particle physics, and is expected to be heavily involved in theories that go beyond this, due to its significant interaction with the Higgs boson. Furthermore, the LHC is a top quark factory, allowing unprecedented scrutiny of top quark interactions.

This project will compare top quark theory (including possible new physics effects) to data from the Tevatron and LHC, in order to place world-leading constraints on new physics in the top sector. Students will join TopFitter - a recently formed joint theory / experiment collaboration - and can expect to play a significant role in developing the software framework, and influencing research direction. Possible research projects include the improvement of the theory used in top quark fits; the addition of new data from LHC experiments as and when it appears; the impact of general constraints from TopFitter on particular new physics models.
A good knowledge of the Standard Model is useful, as is previous computational experience in Python and / or C++.
SPA Academics: 
Christopher White